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                                                            Q's and A's

                                                                                  All your Q's and A's are here

Q's: What do I feed my Great Dane Puppy?
A's: You want to feed a food that the first ingredient is meat.  Also, check  and make sure the brand hasn’t had any recent recalls.  Then always make sure you are within the correct percentages. No more than 26% protein, 1% calcium, and 1.2% phosphorous.

Q's:  How big will my Great Dane puppy be when I pick him/her up at 8 weeks?
A's:  Every puppy is different and grows at their own rate.  Typically, the puppies I raise, when they leave end up weighing between 10-20lbs.

Q's: What is the best method for potty training?
A's:  Kennel training. In my experience, kennel training is what works best for me. 

Q's: When should I spay/neuter my Great Dane?
A's:  Your Great Dane should not get fixed until at least 18 months of age.  With them being such a large breed, they need time to grow properly, and they need their hormones to do so. Spaying/Neutering too soon can cause uneven growth plates, among other problems with your puppy. I personally prefer not until two years of age.  A female should have at least one heat before spaying.

Q's: How do I trim my Great Dane’s nails?
A's: As a puppy nail clippers do the job just fine, however as they get older their nails are larger and thicker.  A drimmel is a great tool to use to file them down.  You can get one from Walmart for about $25  

                                                                        Q's: Do we ship our puppies ?
A's: Yes we ship anywhere in the USA the buyer is responsible for shipping cost most the time it run's between $350 to $400
                                                                         Q's: When can my new puppy come home?
A's: Your puppy can go home with you at 8 weeks old  and will  leave here with UTD on vaccines this helps to reassure there health and a good start in life.  
                                                                           Q's: How do I buy a puppy from you ?
A's: You can contact me by e-mail, phone call, or text meg. I will be happy to answer all your question's.
     There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy of your choice no puppy will be held without a deposit. You can make    
      deposit with Paypal buy now button on this site, cash or check  your deposit is put  toward the price of your pup. The remaining balance is due on pick up and must be paid in cash and if we are shipping your puppy 
      all payments must be cleared a week before shipping date.   
For more Q's and A's call or text

I have tried to put all the Q's and A's here for you but if you have more questions that were not answered here please don't hesitate to give me a call or text I will be more than happy to help you. Davis Puppies is always here for our customers we offer lifetime breeder  support.

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