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 Available puppies Bushnell Fl. 
 We will have more puppies ready for Christmas taking pre- deposits now
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                                                            Our Sires

Our boy Chief (color/Blue)
Our Sire Chief      (Color/ Blue) 
Chief has been a great boy giving us lots of beautiful pup's 
over the years but it is now time for him to retire so we will no longer breed him . He will now just be enjoying his time laying in the sun relaxing here at our farm . Sorry we do not sale our retired dogs they stay here to the end as we truly love them they are not just our pets but they are a part of our family. 
Zuse (color/ Harlequin)
Our Sire Zeus   (Color/ Harlequin)
Zuse Jr ( color / Harlequin)

This is a pup we held back he is the son of Zuse  we are so pleased with him . At 4 months old he is already 57# we are going to call him Zuse Jr he has one blue eye and one brown eye and is just the sweetest boy ever .

All of our sires here at Davis puppies are loving pet's as well as breeders all our Great Dane's are family here we take great pried in all our hard work it shows in the loving Dane's and puppies we produce here at Davis Puppies 

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